Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 731Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 731


The Mission of Vietnam Veterans of American, Chapter 731 is to accept a leadership role in our community; to provide a service to our membership and also provide a local setting for the veteran and their family; to assist those in need; and to promote a positive image of the Vietnam Veteran through our educational programs and increased involvement in community service projects.


  • To maintain the spirit, pride and military traditions as veterans of the United States Armed Forces.
  • To dedicate ourselves to perpetuating friendship and encourage mutual assistance between the members, associate members, of our own chapter and all other veterans and continue to explore new ways to increase membership and retention of existing members.
  • To make a dedicated effort to educate the general public as to the true history of the Vietnam War, and to promote public understanding and appreciation of the contributions and sacrifices of all veterans.
  • Assist all veterans and their families during a time of need.
  • Continue support of the Lao Hmong community and support their recognition as true veterans.
  • To continue to serve the country and the communities in which we live and work and seek involvement in Community Service projects throughout Manitowoc County.

Community Involvement

  • Provided financial support for the development of Veterans Memorial Park in Manitowoc.
  • Annual scholarships to Manitowoc County students for post high school education.
  • Educational programming for Manitowoc County schools, revolving around the history and actual experiences during the Vietnam War.
  • Sponsor the "Moving Wall," a remembrance of those who lost their lives in the Vietnam War.
  • The largest and most active Color Guard and Honor Guard Units in the state of Wisconsin, performing in local and regional parades, special community events and funerals of local veterans.
  • Donates flags to local schools to maintain a sense of patriotic heritage among children.

Veteran's Affairs

  • Provides educational materials and referrals for counseling on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Agent Orange and POW/MIA.
  • Visits the local health care cetner to provide support to veterans during the holidays.
  • Holds the annual Goldstar Program and Banquet honoring families who lost a loved one in a war.
  • Provide support to area veterans and their families in time of need.
  • Sponsored a "Legacy Stone" at the Highground in remembrance of our lost comrades.

History of Chapter 731

03-15-94, First meeting of interim officers

03-31-94, Letter from Mayor to State VA goes out

04-06-94, State VA will not release list, but will do mailing

05-04-94, Bob Ziegelbauer's office helped get mailing out

05-16-94, First general meeting at Club Bil-Mar. All VFW & Amvet Posts invited    to pitch in. Group voted to start VVA Chapter. 150 were in attendance.

05-31-94, Largest group of Vietnam Veterans ever, marched in the Memorial Day Parade, 50 total.

08-11-94, First Board meeting at Studio 8 with State Council President telling us how to get sgtarted. 21 in attendance.

09-15-94, First membership signup night at the Club Bil-Mar

10-06-94, Deadline for Charter Members.  119 Vet members, 15 Associate members.

12-01-94, Second Board meeting.  26 in attendance (our member appointed to the Veterans Commission)

12-10-94, Our first newsletter comes out; the "LAND LINE"

01-08-95, First Annual Christmas party at Charlie's Tavern, Manitowoc

01-11-95, Our Organization receives National recognition, with #731 for our number assignment.


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